Motor Control

With over three decades of experience in motor control, we have a sharp focus on quality components. A wide spectrum of offerings and seasoned guidance ensure your project is put together right.


Automation components for a broad range of applications in light industrial, manufacturing, and ag equipment. Quality brands and helpful service to put you in the game quickly and keep things running well. Power supply, proximity sensors, photo controls, PLCs and more.


Your source for lighting solutions of every description. The latest in interior and exterior lighting offerings in all kinds of commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural settings. Find the right fixtures for your application and keep a steady, convenient supply of bulbs of every kind at your fingertips.

Conduit & Fittings

Poly and metal conduit from small to large diameter. Wide selection of fittings, adaptors, and boxes. Monthly inventory maintenance plans are available to our customers, ensuring contractors are locked in with excellent pricing and long-range inventory protection.

Electrical Distribution

Plugs & connectors, receptacles, switches, installed wiring devices, terminal blocks, and more. Source your favorite styles, colors in a multitude of options.


Breaker panels, fuse boxes, waterproof enclosures, utility boxes, to name a few. Enclosures and boxes of all types. Varied mounting styles and applications from common to rare.


Enjoy a one-stop depot for wire in an amazing array of sizes and types: residential, commercial, motor control, and more. Monthly inventory maintenance plans are available for long-range inventory protection and pricing management.

Wiring Devices

Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, and a host of other wiring devices for residential, industrial and commercial electrical applications. Solutions for your needs, harsh environments included. Chat with our seasoned team to find the right one for you.

Wire Management

An extensive range of wire management solutions for machines and buildings alike. Find the option that streamlines your application with the help of our techs.


Power Transmission Products

This category is huge. Enjoy the convenience of routine delivery of a broad offering of quality bearings and belts, pulleys, couplers, and various other power transmission products.


Looking for definite purpose contactors, start capacitors, run capacitors, dual mfd capacitors, skeleton motors, or fan motors? When your system goes down, call on us for reliable replacement blowers and motors.


Fittings & Valves

Air power is a crucial component of many shops. Find all your pneumatic fittings and valves here at Aptico. Varying types, applications, and sizes to match your need and keep the ball rolling in your world.

Ventilation & Air Movement

Ag Ventilation

A handy supplier for your ag ventilation parts, including fans, thermostats, heaters, and more. Let us customize your product needs and stock your everyday ventilation component needs.

Circulating Fans

A variety of fan types for air circulation in commercial, industrial, & agricultural/greenhouse applications.

Tools, Industrial, & Safety Supply


Go at it with a full charge with the convenience of battery power. An extensive range of battery options for tools and devices of all types. Varying battery types and life options. Rechargeable and disposable battery options.

Fasteners & Hardware

Numerous types of bolts, nuts, screws, washers, hinges, latches, pins, keepers, etc. Varied hardnesses and finishes to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Safety Supplies

Your safety supply source from PPE to labeling and protective products of multiple kinds. Need a safety product you don’t see? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Shop Supplies

Never run low on shop supplies again. Shop towels to soldering supplies; you’ll find our store a very handy resource to keep you running at top efficiency.

Tools & Abrasives

A multitude of abrasives from emery cloth to sander belts and pads. Quality hand and power tools.

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